Recreational Training

New 4wd Owner? Owned a 4wd for a while but want to learn how to get the most out of your vehicle? Our Recreational 4wd Driver Training course comprises of a theory training session accessible on our website followed up by a one day practical session. We will teach you about;


  • Trip Planning and Journey Management

  • Vehicle Characteristics and Limitations

  • Operation of Various 4wd systems

  • Operating in a variety of terrains from low range to challenging conditions

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Safe Recovery Vehicle Techniques


All courses are run by qualified 4wd Trainers. We limit the numbers on each course so you get the most out of the training. In the practical sessions we cover terrains from dirt roads, mud, water, hills and beach driving. We place a large emphasis on safety, particularly when performing vehicle recovery techniques.


Pricing for this course is $195 


 2017 Dates

17th June


Contact us if would like to undertake one of our Recreational 4wd courses

Accredited Training

We are no longer delivering accredited 4wd Training. We recommend Performance Driving Australia.

4wd Training


Operating a 4wd vehicle safely offroad requires a range of skills and knowledge. Incorrect operation can lead to serious injury, vehicle damage or worse.

If you have enrolled for our 4wd Recreational Training, we will have sent you a password to log onto our Online Training. Click on the Log In button below for access.


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